Petron Scientech Inc

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About Us

Petron Scientech is a leader in the industrial conversion of renewable Ethanol into a variety of important chemical feed-stocks, specifically, bioEthylene™, bioEthylene Oxide™, and the bioGlycols™ (bioMEG™, bioDEG, and bioTEG™). Petron is in the forefront of the renewable green chemical industry, while also leading in non-bio Maleic Anhydride technology. Petron offers the broadest range of technologies and services in the market, including technology licenses, catalysts, basic engineering design and FEED packages, EPC & PMC management, consulting services and JV & financing options. With over 30 years of hands-on experience across 30+ plants around the world, Petron Scientech is recognized by the market as the leading solution provider for renewable plastic feedstocks.