Petron Scientech Inc

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About Us

Petron Scientech is a leader in the industrial conversion of renewable Ethanol into renewable plastic (bioPlastics). Specifically our technology converts Ethanols into bioEthylene™, bioEthylene Oxide™ , and the bioGlycols™ (bioMEG™, bioDEG, and bioTEG™). Petron is in the forefront of the renewable plastics industry while also leading in non-bio Maleic Anhydride technology. Petron offers the broadest range of technologies and services in the marketplace, including technology licenses, catalysts, basic engineering design and FEED packages, EPC and PMC management, consulting services and JV & financing options. With over 27 years of hands-on experience across 30+ plants around the world, Petron Scientech is recognized by the market as the leading, complete solution provider of Ethanol based bioPlastics technologies and services.